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Great British Experience

Course Details
  • Start dateTBA
  • DurationN/A
  • WhereLondon
  • CityLondon
  • PriceEnquire

WTO has developed a very high quality English language programme. Our aim is to put class room English learning into practice through fun, educational and British cultural experiences. Together with our partner college – accredited by the British Council for the teaching of English – we are offering a packed two week class room and excursion based programme.

Who this course is for?
Highly-motivated English language learners of all levels wishing to communicate effectively in a variety of different situations from social, school, university or work. Do you want a balanced programme to develop your English language skills through class work and organised activities, entertainment and excursions to places of interes? Are you happy and keen to mix with others including individuals of other nationalities in small class sizes for a truly friendly and effective learning environment? We actively encourage you to communicate entirely in English during the programme including when socialising with your colleagues and friends outside the class room?

Our partner college is located within the heart of the city of London This course will ensure you build confidence and develop English language skills to help you work efficiently within an English speaking environment to:

  • Be better able to communicate in a variety of different scenarios
  • Have better vocabulary, pronunciation and verbal skills
  • Become more fluent and accurate
  • Improve your reading and writing
  • Listen more effectively.

If you have any questions regarding this course, please contact us.

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