Educational consultancy

aboutAt WTO we decades of experience in education services in Asia, Asia Pacific and the UK. We are continually fostering and developing relationships and contacts throughout world, for example, the Middle East, North and South America and Europe.

Our mission is to be able to help talented and aspiring individuals to further excel and advance personally and career wise by introducing them to Western educational programmes and qualifications. We evaluate, analyse and help design programmes across multiple locations and manage the delivery of all the services involved.

Yet we are able to help offer fully on-line programmes and blended on-line and classroom level training, coaching and mentoring teams to achieve exceptional teaching and learning practices.

We offer clients the best solutions to meet their particular circumstances and our hands-on approach will easily meet our client’s needs.

A team that delivers

We will allocate the best people and team to make it work. We have put together individuals who take pride in the results they seek to achieve. All our team members are passionate, experienced, high quality and technically excellent.

We link with other consultants and draw on their national expertise. We have strong relationships with them and take advantage of their talents and relevant practical experience.

Our staff and consultants are what our reputation rests on. We are focused on ensuring we have the right competencies. Our academic staff up to date and their own professional development is in line with the best current practice. They form the basis of our ability to innovate and adapt to new and successful ideas in any circumstance. We are education enthusiasts and our aim to make a difference.